‘MLK/FBI’ Director Sam Pollard on Documentary Filmmaking After Black Lives Matter: ‘You’ve Got to Keep Pushing’

Sam Pollard’s “MLK/FBI” follows the dirty war that America’s FBI declared on civil rights figurehead Martin Luther King, a vendetta that began in the 50s and ended with his assassination in 1968, inspired by recent revelations (as well as credible long-held suspicions), and backed up by declassified secret government documents. …read more

How ‘Gunda’ Director Victor Kossakovsky Found a Kindred Spirit in Joaquin Phoenix

Russian director Victor Kossakovsky returned to documentary festival IDFA – where he has been a frequent guest, and won awards with “Pavel and Lyalya” and “Belovy” – with “Gunda,” a film that made a statement in more ways than one. Shot entirely in black and white, without voiceover or music, …read more

Netflix Will Start Declaring U.K. Revenues to Local Tax Authorities

Netflix is set to begin declaring its U.K. revenues to local tax authorities in the new year — a move that follows similar initiatives in Western Europe in recent weeks. Until now, the streaming giant had channelled its revenues through the Netherlands, a lower tax jurisdiction and the site of …read more

Gerardo Naranjo’s ‘Kokoloko’ Wins Best Mexican Film at Guadalajara

Gerardo Naranjo’s “Kokoloko” took home the Premio Mezcal for best Mexican film at the hybrid 35th Guadalajara Film Festival (FICG), which wrapped Friday, Nov. 27. The love triangle drama signals a return to the big screen for Naranjo who has spent nearly a decade after his 2011 hit “Miss Bala” …read more

How Filmmaker Anita Rivaroli Lured Foo Fighters to a Small Town in Italy

In 2015, desperate to get his favorite band, Foo Fighters, to play in Cesena, a small town near Rimini, Italian marine geologist Fabio Zaffagnini came up with a rather unorthodox solution. Reportedly inspired by the prank pulled by the team of “School of Rock,” which saw Jack Black and Richard …read more

‘Shawn Mendes: In Wonder’ Review: A Pop Star Loses His Voice in a Documentary With Nothing to Say

Netflix has enjoyed a run of good luck with a string of music documentaries in the last year: films about Taylor Swift, Blackpink and J Balvin that, even if they were commissioned by the stars or their management, managed to hit upon fascinating aspects of those artists’ careers at a …read more

Alex Winter on Telling the Story of ‘Paradoxical’ Frank Zappa in New Doc: ‘It Took Us Years to Get it Right’

Alex Winter, the “Bill and Ted’s” actor who is himself a noted director and producer, saw in Frank Zappa’s story an icon who embodied everything about music and culture in the 1970s. At the same time, he wanted to capture the man behind the myth. With the blessing of Zappa’s …read more

Directors Guild Approves Premium-Free Limited Benefit Health Plan

Citing the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, trustees of the Directors Guild of America – Producer Pension and Health Plans have created a premium-free limited benefit health plan for members who lost coverage following the production shutdown. The new plan, dubbed the Bronze Plus Plan, will provide coverage for …read more

Peacock Apologizes for ‘Saved by the Bell’ Jokes About Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant

“Respect Selena Gomez” was trending on Twitter Saturday as fans admonished Peacock’s new “Saved by the Bell” reboot over references to the actor and singer’s kidney transplant. Despite receiving a transplant from her close friend, actor Francia Raísa, one scene from episode six of the series features two Bayside High …read more

Dua Lipa’s ‘Studio 2054’ Stream Was the Post-Thanksgiving Dopamine Rush We All Needed

“I like it better when we’re intertwined,” Dua Lipa sings in her song “Cool,” maybe speaking for all of us who are doing Thanksgiving weekend and pretty much every other weekend of 2020 unentangled from most human beings. Her performance of that and a host of other songs from her …read more