The Doorpost Film Project was originally launched in 2009 as a film contest. It was hugely successful and well received as you can read in this article from VARIETY magazine. In it’s inaugural year, The Doorpost Film Project’s website received over 250,000 unique visits from over 122 countries and gave away over $260,000 to 15 filmmakers who produced short films on the topic of HOPE.

Today, we are still operating around the central theme of HOPE. However, we are now known only as THE DOORPOST PROJECT. Though we still reach people from numerous continents, backgrounds and careers within filmmaking communities, we have been relaunched under new ownership with a new vision. No longer are we just a film contest, The Doorpost Project is now an ever-growing community of entertainment industry people of all disciplines. We are dedicated to helping move content creators beyond creating mere entertainment into the realm of INFLUENCE.

The Doorpost Project has always been an international community of entertainment professionals. It was specifically designed to serve both seasoned and upcoming visionaries in the industry. Although we believe the film contest is a great way to showcase the gifts and talents those visionaries have, it’s only just part of the process. INSPIRATION is the other part. And how do we inspire the entertainment community on a global scale? Enter: The Doorpost Podcast Project.

The Doorpost Podcast Project is a weekly entertainment business podcast, hosted by Duane Barnhart, interviewing some of today’s most successful and inspiring Entertainment Entrepreneurs. What is an entertainment entrepreneur, you ask? Good question. These are the people who are NOT okay with status quo. These are people who want more… Who want to create more… Who want to influence more!

An entertainment entrepreneur is anyone that is in the entertainment industry who sees themselves as their own brand. In other words, whether you are a Producer, Director, Grip, Lawyer, Actor, Casting Director, Studio Executive or any other title you can fill in the blank with, you need to be thinking as an entrepreneur if you want to break through and get to the next level in your career. YOU are the BRAND so start treating yourself as one. Here, our listeners will learn to market themselves properly, network more, and create content that reflects they are.

It was Milton Berle who said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” At its core, The Doorpost Podcast Project’s goal is helping our audience learn to build doors of opportunity. We do that by shining a spotlight on our featured guests as they share their journey of successes and failures, hard work and big breaks, lessons learned and the steps taken to turn those lessons into accomplishments. We close each show with our version of a “lightning round” where Duane asks his guests a series of personal questions so we can get to know them better.

The Doorpost Podcast Project is all about inspiring our listeners to take entrepreneurial ACTION and realize their dreams!

We post episode notes from every podcast, which will include links and references to all of the important details discussed during the interview. So don’t worry if you heard a success quote or a great business book recommendation during an episode and don’t quite remember what it was, you can find all of that linked up in the episode notes for quick and easy access.

Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. Our blog aims to equip you with the right tools, tips and resources to help you every step of the way. We post on the site a couple times per week.

Our resource page was built with you in mind. This is where you can find descriptions and links to the products and resources The Doorpost recommends.

We still plan to hold our annual film contest, The Doorpost Film Project. Over the next 18 to 24 months, we will be reformatting how the contest will play out. We will be very clear in what our goals, terms and prizes will be. We are very hopeful that the contest will bring renewed excitement under the new ownership and leadership.

TheDoorpost.com is where we are headquartered. It’s the place where you can find everything from posts of our episode notes to killer resources for anyone interested in becoming an entertainment entrepreneur.

The Doorpost FAQ
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