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By Cynthia Littleton The prospect of a picket line outside the Beverly Hilton on Golden Globe Awards day has been averted now that the hotel has reached a tentative agremeent to end the weeks-old walkout. The hotel and Unite Here Local 11 released a joint statement on Friday afternoon. “Together the iconic Beverly …read more      

By Michael Nordine Greed may not be good, but it is universal. And while America would appear to have a monopoly on movies about the pursuit of wealth for wealth’s sake, plenty of other nations have exported their version of the rags-to-riches tale — of which Saudi Arabia’s Oscar submission, “Alhamour H.A.,” is …read more      

By Peter Debruge Zarrar Kahn’s “In Flames” is set mostly in a cramped apartment nestled not too far from the rowdy, crowded streets of Karachi. The hustle and bustle from the outside — not to mention the social and societal forces that so define it — continually threaten to creep inside the walls …read more      

By Addie Morfoot How does a McDonald’s manager with three young children end up becoming a cult leader who believes she has birthed the entire human race, been reincarnated as Jesus, Joan of Arc, and Marilyn Monroe and is spiritually connected to late actor Robin Williams? Hannah Olson’s three-part HBO docuseries “Love Has …read more      

By Dharv2014 Palestinian refugees have been arriving in the slum district of Sabra and Shalila on the outskirts of Beirut since what Israel calls the War of Independence in 1948. Forty-four years later, their presence (and that of suspected PLO fighters) got targeted in a mid-September massacre by the Christian militia known …read more      

By Elskes Cohen Media Group has bought all North American rights to “Io Capitano,” a lushly-lensed, stirring immigration drama by “Gomorrah” director Matteo Garrone. Sold worldwide by Pathé Films, the critically acclaimed movie is Italy’s official Oscar entry and is slated to be released theatrically in early 2024. With Cohen Media Group …read more      

By Leo Barraclough Indian restaurants in London’s Southall neighborhood kept Bollywood star Alia Bhatt happy while working on location for her Hollywood debut, “Heart of Stone.” The 2023 Netflix thriller, directed by Tom Harper and co-starring Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan, in which Bhatt plays globe-trotting hacker Keya Dhawan, spent two months shooting …read more      

By K.J. Yossman It’s been seven years since “The X Factor” runner-up Rebecca Ferguson last put out a record. Despite her hiatus from the industry, Ferguson never walked away from music, instead using her downtime to craft songs in a more spontaneous way. “It was me organically calling up people saying, ‘Should we …read more      

By Leo Barraclough From internet memes to a slew of movies, this is the Age of Cage, but Nicolas Cage himself revealed that as he approaches his 60th birthday he is taking stock. He told a sold-out audience at the Red Sea Film Festival that he was winding down his film career after …read more      

By Naman Ramachandran Celebrity chef Asma Khan will host food documentary series “Tiffin Stories,” it was revealed at Singapore’s Asia TV Forum & Market. In the six-part “Tiffin Stories,” Asma Khan will be seen interacting with iconic Indians and the Indian diaspora, unearthing their nostalgia associated with food, while bringing to fore their …read more