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By Leo Barraclough Family animated movie “Pirate Mo and the Legend of the Red Ruby” proved to be a smash hit with international distributors during the Cannes Film Market, with sales agency The Playmaker Munich delivering the film to multiple buyers. During the market, The Playmaker announced first presales to Benelux (Just4Kids), Turkey …read more      

By Jo Light

Kevin Roache and Marc Fishman, re-recording mixers, tell us about creating immersive soundscapes for The Last of Us.

Marc Fishman and Kevin Roache are masters of sound design. Fishman has extensive experience in film and TV, working in genres from Bridesmaids to Devil to Sicario: Day of the Soldado. Roache has …read more      

By Jazztangcay Ali Wong‘s heart is on the road. It’s the morning after the opening night of her 44-date stand-up tour that will take her across the U.S. and Canada, and the star-producer of “Beef” is headed to Atlanta. Dressed in black sweats, she apologizes for not having had the chance to …read more      

By Jem Aswad Fall Out Boy guitarist and founding member Joe Trohman has returned to the band after taking a several-month hiatus from the band to focus on his mental health. The guitarist announced his return on social media on Monday. “Hey everyone, I’m officially back!,” he wrote. “I want to thank everyone for the …read more      

By J. Kim Murphy Dick Clark Productions (DCP) announced the appointment of Tamaya Petteway to SVP of partnerships on Tuesday morning. In her role, Petteway will run DCP’s sponsorship division overseeing revenue streams and profits related to sponsors, advertisers, locations and venues. She will also lead sales initiatives and strategy across all DCP platforms. …read more      

By Clayton Davis “It’s not TV. It’s HBO.” That’s the premium cable network slogan that single-handedly changed the television landscape forever and ushered in the Peak TV era. The Home Box Office turned 50 in November 2022, and Variety celebrated its Golden Year by ranking the best performances in its history. Disclaimer: We’re …read more      

By J. Kim Murphy Monty Python star John Cleese has expressed disdain for modern sensibilities and “PC culture” on several occasions in recent years. The comedian found a new battleground for those convictions by claiming that his plans to mount a stage adaptation of the 1979 comedy “Life of Brian” have been “misreported” by …read more      

By Tim Chan Few things are more annoying than a poor Wi-Fi connection, especially when you’re indoors and know your Wi-Fi router is nearby. But your internet connection can often be blocked by things like thick walls, furniture or flooring, and dead zones can pop up if your computer can’t detect the router. …read more      

By Kate Aurthur SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from “With Open Eyes,” the series finale of HBO’s “Succession,” now streaming on Max. Tom Wambsgans of St. Paul, Minn. — an unrepentant striver, the broken-hearted lover of Shiv Roy, an unconscionable careerist, a yearning potential parent, an abuser of Greg, a Disgusting Brother: Matthew Macfadyen played the …read more      

By Cynthia Littleton Milt Larsen, the magician and TV writer who co-founded Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle night spot, died May 28 in Los Angeles. He was 92. Larsen had deep roots in the world of magic and in Los Angeles. His father, William Larsen Sr., was a prominent local defense attorney and a …read more