Meet the Team

teampicThis is a team page without a sidebar. It works great as a intro page and will introduce your team with maximum visual flair.

Team page images like the ones below are added to the page via a shortcode manager. No shortcodes to remember, it’s all done for you with 3 easy clicks.

Because teams are inserted with shortcodes it can be added to any page any post, and any content type that will accept shortcodes.


  • Duane Barnhart

    Executive Producer and host of The Doorpost Podcast.

  • Val Andrews

    You can usually see Val smiling and in perfect control amidst a cacophony of screaming children, that's passion for you.

  • Tracy King

    Always smiling, always willing to go the extra mile, That's our head activities manager Tracy for you.

  • Peter North

    Church administrator extraordinaire, Peter keeps our wheels oiled, our books balanced and our church maintained.

  • John Jackson

    Our Head pastor, spiritual leader and shepard of this flock.

And because it is a short code that adds the team images, you can add content above or below the shortcode without any worries or difficulty.