05: Thomas R. Martin – Actor

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August 15, 2014

05: Thomas R. Martin – Actor

GUEST: Thomas R. Martin

TomSuit-1Tom Martin was born and raised in Miami Florida and spent all his summers growing up in the beautiful state of Maine. He is a graduate from the School of Theater at Florida State University.  He booked his first professional role playing the young son of Roy Scheider on the hit show Sea Quest DSV. He has been working in film and television ever since. Keep an eye out for his latest role in a film directed by Justin Reardon called, “A Many Splintered Thing”.  This romantic comedy stars Chris Evans, Michelle Monahan, Luke Wilson and many other great actors.  It will be in theaters 2014.

Tom has also become one of the most recognizable faces in the world of commercials. His Super bowl Ad for Bridgestone tires “Reply All” was considered one of the best superbowl ads of all time according to Time Magazine. His critically acclaimed Heineken Light, “Handlebar Moustache” earned Noam Murro the Directors Guild Award.

Along with acting, Tom has also had some great success in writing and producing. His first screenplay “Elle” A Modern Cinderella Story” has had world wide distribution. This quirky family film starring Disney sensation, “Sterling Knight” also won best family film at Newport Beach Film Festival. Tom spent 2 years producing and starring in films as a finalist for The Doorpost Film Project. His last film, “La Premiere”, was narrated by the great James Earl Jones.  It told the story of the inventors of cinema, The Lumiere Brothers, 1885. This historical gem screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Tom recently co-wrote a screenplay, “Run Paco Run”, with Bragi Schut.  It is currently under development for production for Fall of 2014.

Tom just had his directorial debut with a short film called, “First Word”.  It is a comedy that takes place during the caveman era.  Being a hands on type of guy, he built the props, worked on costumes and even built the cave for it.

Tom resides in Burbank, California along with his lovely wife Holly Martin.  They love spending weekends swimming in the pool, going on hikes and tending their garden.


“Your thoughts create your own reality”


No defined “big break” just a series of small ones that lead to bigger ones.


Took a while to get his act together. He was partying and doing the “Hollywood” thing. He wishes he would have been more focused earlier.


Playing Music




Working out


Eating Well


The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron




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