11: Brian Bloom – Writer/Actor/Voice Actor

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September 28, 2014

11: Brian Bloom – Writer/Actor/Voice Actor

GUEST: Brian Bloom

photoBrian Bloom had an early interest in acting, including appearing in several commercials as a child, but made his big break in the Sergio Leone film Once Upon a Time in America. From there, he was offered the role of Dusty Donovan in the hit soap opera As the World Turns, which he played for several years. During that run, Bloom became the youngest winner of a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Young Leading Man during the 12th Daytime Emmy Awards show for his performance on the series. Despite his success, he soon grew tired of the scheduling involved in that field and eventually left the series to star in several television movies and myriad guest appearances. Brian played private mercenary bad guy “Pike” in the 2010 movie The A-Team, which he also co-wrote with Carnahan, who directed the 20th Century Fox feature based on the popular television series.

Brian also attended the Sheriff’s Academy and served as a Reserve Deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department from 2001 – 2011. He is a certified self defense expert and a Sifu of a rarefied street lethal modern Self Defense System called “Bojuka”. He has participated in countless no holds barred combat seminars and taught use of force techniques to law enforcement, military and private security worldwide.

Brian is presently cast in a number of voiceover parts, both in video games as well as direct-to-video projects. He has been working for the past several years on Warner Bros. Mad Max game, designing the characters fighting style and doing the motion capture and performance capture for its lead character incorporating his martial arts to create the characters spec ops-based combat mechanics.

Brian has grown into one of the most respected and seasoned actors in the gaming and voice over industry. He was part of the development team working closely with infinity Ward to not only develop the story for Activision’s Call of Duty Ghosts, but also voiced one of its four lead characters, Ghost Team member, Keegan P. Russ. He has contributed his voice to every call of duty game since CoD III to the present. Brian is continuing his work with developer Infinity Ward on a future and highly secretive upcoming version of Call of Duty working with their story team to bring the franchise into a whole new era.

Brian plays Matt Horner in the wildly popular StarCraft franchise made by the developers of World of Warcraft. His portrayal of Gotham’s most menacing gangster “black mask” will no doubt recur in upcoming Batman titles under the Warner Bros. banner in the Arkham universe. He portrays BJ Blascowicz in “Wolfenstein the New Order”, a critically acclaimed and highest selling titles is said to have been a key component in saving the first person shooter genre and launching it into next gen gaming consoles and PCs with a memorable and dramatic take on the classic and prototypical hero character. Brian is working on the third iteration of the internationally popular game Dragon age where he plays it’s most beloved character Varric Tethras.

Brian is a prolific motion capture and performance capture performer who brings 30 years of television and motion picture experience to the arena of Videogames both in front of and behind the camera and microphone consulting on story and narrative in various capacities on numerous successfully received and yet to be released IP’s and titles.

Brian works alongside military contractors and new media companies helping coordinate shared technologies and mutually beneficial interests helping both sides integrate their common ground to innovate products and services integral to the growth of both industries. He has recently formed a production company, writing and developing several original television and film properties. His screenplay “hacked” and television pilot “pyramid” among them.


“With your shield or on it” -King Leonidas


Getting cast in Sergio Leone’s film, Once Upon a Time in America.


He allowed his representation to misrepresent him.


Martial Arts

Studying greatness


Audition by Michael Shurtleff




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