28: Phil Barnhart – Songwriter/Sony Music

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February 6, 2015

28: Phil Barnhart – Songwriter/Sony Music

GUEST: Phil Barnhart

Learn how one drug addicted heavy equipment operator who quit his job at 40 years old and moved to Nashville achieved multiple number one hit songs without any prior training or experience. It’s a lesson in perseverance. It’s never too late to start! Meet my dad, Phil Barnhart, today on The Doorpost Podcast Project!


IMG_2888After running heavy equipment for several years, Phil Barnhart began writing and developing as a songwriter. In 1984, at 40 years old, he was encouraged to move to Nashville. Phil soon began working with Rex Allen Jr and was getting cuts on records. In 1989 Phil received his first Dove nomination for Country Gospel Song of the Year. He continued working hard at his craft and eventually wrote a song that Waylon Jennings recorded on a major label. In 1991, Phil signed with Tree International Publishing Company, which was later acquired by Sony Music. Phil co-wrote many hit songs including several number one’s like, Shenandoah’s, “I want to Be Loved Like That”, Lonestar’s, “No News” and Martina McBrides, “Broken Wing”. He had many album cuts on gold and platinum records.  Later he garnered several other awards including BMI Performance Awards, ASCAP Song of the Year Award and nominations for Song of the Year by The Country Music Association and by The Academy of Country Music. He was also fortunate enough to have been given several awards from the NSAI, which meant a great deal to him because they were awards voted on by his peers. In 2010 BMI honored Phil with several BMI Million-Air Awards. Recorded by Lonestar, Phil’s song “No News” has accumulated over 3 million performances, while both Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing” and Shenandoah’s “I Want to Be Loved Like That” have amassed more than 2 million performances each. Currently, Phil spends most of his time in South Florida to be with his grandchildren and family. He enjoys writing short stories, playing golf and riding his bike in view of the ocean.


“Writers write.”


Getting a song recorded by Rex Allen Jr.


Underestimating certain people he came in contact with and not having an open mind to glean from them.


He always shows up for his appointments… and is always on time.


Just start writing.


You’ll just have to Google: “Phil Barnhart Songwriter”

5 thoughts on “28: Phil Barnhart – Songwriter/Sony Music

  • krowe33

    I grew up next door to Pug and Muriel (I hope I am spelling her name right). I can remember how proud they were of Phil. And I felt honored to have known two wonderful people as them with such a talented son. I love every song Phil wrote. Phil if you get this, thank you for such wonderful music. Shenandoah’s “I Want to be Loved Like That” is one of my all time favorite country songs. It’s one that makes me stop and imagine the story as I hear the words. There just aren’t many songs that get to you the way that one does. I hope you are doing well Phil. I never met you. But the time I spent talking to Pug and Muriel made me feel like I did. Those are times I will always remember because they were such wonderful friends of this troubled kid.

  • PaperBachWriter

    Hi Duane. Found your site while looking for your dad. Please tell him that Sher Bach was thinking about him and hope he’s well. In case he forgets who I am, I worked with his attorney, Craig Benson, many (but not TOO many) years ago. He can contact me via my website… mmmassage.biz, if he so chooses. Thanks!

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