27: Bill Hough – Entrepreneur/CEO/Executive Producer

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January 30, 2015

27: Bill Hough – Entrepreneur/CEO/Executive Producer

GUEST: Bill Hough

Are you ready to get real results for your efforts? Get your mind wrapped around this concept that took one wannabe filmmaker from being jobless to a multimillionaire business owner. Bill Hough shares his story today on The Doorpost Project!


FullSizeRenderDuring a career in film and television that spans more than 20 years, Bill Hough is a Entrepreneur/CEO/Executive Producer involved with marketing, production, and distribution of corporate documentaries, commercials, and short form programs for network, cable & public television and most recently, a theatrically released feature film.

A 1991 graduate of Florida State University in Business and Economics, Hough began his career working as a mortgage broker. He has since owned a production and marketing firm and is Executive Producer of Insight Productions, which has produced multiple TV Series. He is also a partner in Digital Target Marketing, which is one of the most experienced online direct response marketing companies in the world. Bill has worked with such talent as Charlton Heston, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Martin Sheen and James Earl Jones.

His other entrepreneurial pursuits include Executive Producing a feature length Documentary film, owning race horses with his horse training father, Stan Hough, and developing several multimillion dollar homes in one of South Florida’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Royal Palm in Boca Raton.

Bill has been married to his wife, Renata, for 10 years and they have 3 boys: William, Daniel and James.


“Work as unto the Lord.” -The Bible

“Make your own work.” -Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Getting the opportunity to become the marketing manager at the media company he first worked for, but now owns.


He kept starting businesses and projects, but never got one off the ground. He realized later that he needed to get a job and learn to be disciplined.


He doesn’t like to waste time. He likes to take complex concepts and simplify the process so that he can see them unfold in his mind as an achievable goal. If he can visualize it, then he can accomplish it.


Learn the art of sales


This podcast is about all you get to know about Bill. LOL! He’s about as “under the radar” as they come.

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